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Investment Philosophy

Kilter Rural is a challenger brand, leading an agenda to build resilient farmland and water investments.

Our Investment Philosophy involves long-term active stewardship of agribusiness assets to generate commercial, sustainable, transformative and robust fundamental value.

While commercial in everything we undertake, investment and management activity is predicated on protection and enhancement of ecosystems that underpin long-term asset value.

As stewards of farmland and water assets, delivering both traditional yield improvements AND ecosystem health improvement builds resilience and investor value with lower exposure to risk. 

Investors with Kilter Rural will benefit from rapid environmental, social and market changes over the next 30 years, accessing long-term, resilient, non-correlated, inflation protected returns.

Since 2006 Kilter Rural has been delivering investment in resilient farmland and water through its ‘Future Farming Landscapes’ (FFL) investment model. FFL has investment commitments of more than $440 million in farmland, ecosystem and water assets.

AFS Licence

In March 2012 Kilter Investments Pty Ltd was granted an Australian Financial Services Licence for Wholesale Managed Investments (AFSL No. 414142). The licence permits dealing in derivatives associated with water and water products.

Quality Management System

Kilter Pty Ltd operates a Quality Management System (QMS) which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Original certification took place in 2010 with a successful recertification audit confirmed in 2016.  

Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting

Compliance & Audit

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) is vital in identifying, responding to and mitigating risks to investment returns.  It enables Kilter Rural to measure, interpret and report on both production systems and the condition of the natural resource asset base.

Kilter Rural has developed and continues to refine a set of measures and indicators reflecting performance against our values of Production, Longevity and Relationships.  The MER program supports a cycle of continuous improvement in allocation of resources and management to mitigate risks across farmland, water and ecosystem assets.

The MER framework is formalised into Kilter’s existing ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System (QMS).

Kilter also contributes to sustainability reporting through the adoption of global environmental and community development standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). 

The Kilter Investments Compliance Committee has an independent Chairperson, two Responsible Managers and Compliance Officer. The Committee is responsible for the implementation and review of the Operational Compliance Policy.

Kilter Investments is externally audited annually.